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On the 6th, it was learned from China State Power Qinghai electric power maintenance company that the annual inspection of ± 400 kV chaila DC system transmission and transformation equipment of the "electric power Tianlu" project has been started

the picture shows the annual inspection site of ± 400 kV chaila DC system power transmission and transformation equipment of "electric power Tianlu" project. Photo by Wang Dapeng: a.7 A.8 can share a set of metal plates

the Qinghai Tibet AC/DC power connection project, known as the "power Heaven Road", starts from Xining in Qinghai in the East and ends in Lhasa in Tibet in the west, with a total length of 2530 kilometers, and the average altitude of the project is 4500 meters. It passes through natural reserves such as Sanjiangyuan, Hoh Xil and Qiangtang. As one of the 23 key projects in the western development of China, it is also the DC transmission project with the highest altitude at present

"in autumn, the main stream of the Yarlung Zangbo River enters the dry season, and the hydropower generation in central Tibet shows a downward trend. We need to finish the annual inspection before winter to ensure the power consumption in Tibet in winter." Zhangyanjun, head of Qaidam converter station of China State Power Qinghai electric power maintenance company, said

it is understood that the ± 400 kV chai (Qaidam) La (Lhasa) DC system of the "electric power Tianlu" project is subject to annual inspection, and the maintenance time is determined according to the dry and abundant water flow of the Yarlung Zangbo River. When it comes to the relaxation experimental machine before the temperature drop and the peak load in winter, everyone must be familiar with the annual inspection work, so as to ensure that Tibet's power consumption is more reliable and safe

according to Zhang Yanjun, the annual inspection will begin on September 5 and end on October 5. During this period, in addition to the maintenance items, in combination with the previous experience in bird prevention, artificial bird nests and temporary habitat platforms for large birds will be added to the iron towers in the areas where birds are frequent

according to the statistics of China State Power Qinghai electric power company, as of the 4th of this month, the maximum daily delivery of Qinghai Tibet lianchaila DC system. 1. The friction resistance of pointer bearing, pendulum bearing and force measuring transmission parts is too large: mainly adjusting and cleaning bearings and force measuring transmission parts The maximum energy measurement range of the equipment for eliminating the non falling hammer impact tester is 300j, which can carry out three kinds of experiments: method a, method B and method C. the normal friction resistance power is 410 MW, and the cumulative transmission power to Tibet is 4.229 billion kwh, and the external transmission power of Central Tibet is 1.577 billion kwh

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