The world's largest coal enterprise most affected

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Affected by solar energy, the world's largest coal enterprise will close 37 coal mines

recently, the world's largest coal mining company announced that it will close 37 coal mines because they are no longer economically viable. Indian coal said that these coal mines will be in 20185, effective working space: 150 × one hundred and fifty × 240mm was retired in March

volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions can be reduced

the number of coal mines closed this time accounts for 9% of the total number of coal mines owned by Indian coal, which is reported to save 8 billion rupees

if you can use it to drink water, today, India's solar energy industry has reaped huge international investment, and the plummeting price of solar power has increased pressure on domestic fossil fuel companies

the Indian government has announced that coal-fired power plants will not be built after 2022, and it is predicted that renewable energy will produce 57% of electricity by 2027. This goal far exceeds India's commitment in the Paris climate agreement

the plan of nearly 14 GW coal-fired power plants was cancelled in May, marking the beginning of great changes in India's energy market

analyst Tim Buckley said that India is far away from the dirtiest fossil fuels and vigorously promotes too much experimental results. The output results can be set arbitrarily: the maximum force value and elongation Yang energy will have a far-reaching impact on the global energy room

"the measures taken by the Indian government to improve energy efficiency, coupled with the ambitious renewable energy goals and the decline in solar energy costs, have had an impact on the existing and proposed coal-fired batteries, resulting in an increasing number of economically infeasible." Buckley added, "in recent months, the price of solar energy in India has fallen sharply."

in February, the report of the Indian Institute of energy and resources found that if the cost of renewable energy continues to decline at the same rate, India will completely eliminate coal by 2050

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