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On the application of TRIZ conflict resolution principle in conceptual design Abstract: This paper expounds the strategy of product conceptual design. This paper introduces the material field analysis symbol system for conflict determination in product conceptual design based on TRIZ theory, as well as the invention principle and separation principle for solving technical conflict and physical conflict


cross of Open University in the UK summarized the design process model into descriptive and prescriptive types. The analysis of these two models shows that conceptual design includes two stages: finding out the function and structure, seeking the solution principle and structure, and its core is to determine the new and competitive working principle of the product to be designed. For this reason, the strategies of conceptual design can be divided into two categories: (1) the design process should produce multiple possible solutions. After analysis, comparison and evaluation, a better solution is determined, and the subsequent design is completed based on the solution. This strategy is a "problem - centered" design idea. Through the abstraction of the problem, several possible concepts are generated, and a solution is determined through evaluation. (2) Only one solution is generated in the design process. After modification, improvement and evaluation, if the solution is a better solution, follow-up design will be carried out. On the contrary, a new solution will be generated and a better solution will always be found. This strategy is a "product centered" design idea, that is, a concept of the product to be designed is put forward on the basis of analyzing and summarizing the working principles of the existing products

triz is the theory of solving invention problems put forward by tshuller. The core of this theory is the principle of technological system evolution: the technological system develops itself according to the objective law of development. These objective laws can be recognized and can be used to consciously solve invention problems. According to this principle, the technological system has been in evolution, and conflict resolution is the driving force of evolution. The solution process is shown in Figure 1:

it can be seen from the process of TRIZ solving the problem that the solution process of TRIZ is based on the standard solution of the standard problem, and then on the basis of the standard solution, it is concreted to obtain a new original understanding (new concept) of the actual problem. Therefore, it is suitable for the second kind of conceptual design strategy

1 classification and determination method of conflicts in TRIZ

when modifying and perfecting the solution generated in the design process, in order to improve the function of one part of the system, it is likely to bring negative impact to other parts of the system, which leads to conflicts. For different types of conflicts, the solution of the system can be improved by adopting effective solutions

1.1 classification of conflicts

in TRIZ theory, conflicts are divided into three categories: management conflicts, technical conflicts and physical conflicts

management conflict refers to something that needs to be done in order to avoid certain phenomena and achieve certain results, but do not know how to do it. For example, I hope to improve the product quality, but I don't know how to improve it

physical conflict refers to that a subsystem or component should have a characteristic in order to achieve a certain function, but at the same time there are characteristics opposite to this characteristic. For example, the wing of an aircraft should have a large surface for takeoff and landing, but the large area affects the flight speed of the aircraft

technical conflict refers to that an effect leads to both useful and harmful results, or only the introduction of an effect or the elimination of a harmful effect leads to the deterioration of one or several subsystems or the whole system. For example, to strengthen the strength of the table, we need to use thick plates, but thick plates increase the weight of the table

1.2 determination of conflict

when solving conflict problems, it is necessary to transfer the management conflict to the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry, which is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and fewer advanced and personalized special varieties become physical conflict or technical conflict

compared with technical conflicts, physical conflicts are more acute conflicts. Physical conflicts can be determined on the basis of in-depth analysis of problems, and existing technical conflicts can also be further analyzed

the empirical method can be used to determine the technical conflict, that is, the designer puts forward the text description of the conflict according to the experience for specific problems. Material field analysis can be used as another method to determine the technical conflict. It is the tool of TRIZ theory to determine the technical conflict. This tool is based on the material field symbol system proposed by altshuller for the study of function

in the conceptual design stage, the function analysis of the product and the principle solution should be put forward, so the description of the function is one of the key problems. Altshuller found the following three laws through the analysis of functions:

(1) all functions can be decomposed into three basic elements

(2) an existing function must be composed of three basic elements

(3) an organic combination of three interacting basic elements will produce a function

the three basic elements that make up the function are two substances and one field. These three basic elements can be described by the symbol system to form the basic graphic description of the function. As shown in Figure 2, (in the figure, f is a field, S1 and S2 are substances, S1 is a passive element, S2 is an active element), which means that field F acts on substance S1 and changes substance S1 through substance S2

zinovy, terninko and others have developed this symbol system. Here, a part of the developed symbol system is introduced. The function graphic representation is shown in Figure 3:

ftype field type. The commonly used types are:

me - Mechanical

th - Thermal

ch - chemical

e - Electrical

m - magnetic

g - gravity

according to this set of symbol system, we can establish a system function model, distinguish useful functions from harmful functions, further find the parameters that lead to useful and harmful functions, and determine technical conflicts

2 conflict resolution principle

different resolution principles are adopted for different types of conflicts in the design process. For technical conflicts, the principle of invention is adopted; For physical conflicts, the separation principle is adopted

2.1 principles of invention

altshuller summarized 40 principles of invention [2] on the basis of 2500000 patents. These principles play an important role in guiding the invention and creation of engineering designers

during the design process, the corresponding solution principle of the problem can be found by searching the conflict matrix. The conflict matrix [3] is a 40*40 matrix, in which the first row or the first column are 39 serial numbers describing engineering parameters arranged in sequence. Except for the first row and the first column, the other 39 rows and 39 columns form a matrix, and the number of the intersection of rows and columns is the serial number of the principle. The row parameters in the conflict matrix represent the deteriorating party in the conflict, and the column parameters represent the party to be improved

in the process of operation, the above conflict resolution principle can be embodied into 12 steps:

(1) define the name of the system to be designed

(2) determine the main functions of the system to be designed

(3) list the key subsystems of the system to be designed and various auxiliary functions

(4) describe the operation of the system to be designed

(5) determine the characteristics of the system to be designed that should be improved Features to be eliminated

(6) re describe the involved parameters according to the standard engineering parameters (39 parameters)

(7) describe the technical conflict: if an engineering parameter needs to be improved, which parameters will deteriorate

(8) describe the technical conflict in another way: if the degree of parameter deterioration is reduced, the parameters to be improved will be weakened, Or another deterioration parameter will be strengthened

(9) in the conflict matrix, the conflicting parties determine the corresponding matrix elements

(10) the above elements determine the available invention principles

(11) apply the determined principles to the designer's problems

(12) find, evaluate and improve the conceptual design and subsequent design

2.2 separation principle

physical conflict is one of the key problems to be studied and solved by TRIZ. In TRIZ theory, the separation principle is used to solve physical conflicts. The separation principle can be divided into:

(1) spatial separation separates the conflicting parties in different spaces to reduce the difficulty of solving problems

(2) time separation separates the conflicting parties in different time periods to reduce the difficulty of solving problems

(3) condition based separation separates the conflicting parties under different conditions to reduce the difficulty of solving problems

(4) the separation of the whole and the part separates the conflicting parties at different levels to reduce the difficulty of solving the problem

3 design example

automobile airbag is designed to protect the driver and the front passenger to the greatest extent, so that the two splints can clamp the test piece passenger. However, the investigation found that for every 20 people protected by the airbag, one person could not be protected and died

therefore, our design task is to improve the safety of airbag, but we must ensure very high purity and safety efficiency. This is a management contradiction, that is, the current airbag safety efficiency is not high. I want to improve the safety efficiency, but I don't know what to do

after analyzing management problems, they can be turned into technical conflicts. The reason for this result is that the current airbags only protect the drivers and passengers who are tall, and may harm the drivers and passengers who are short. Further analysis shows that the airbag can protect the front row drivers and customers due to the elasticity of the surface layer after full expansion. However, the airbag is like a rigid body in the expansion process, and it is easy to encounter short drivers and passengers (close to the steering wheel) and hurt them

in this way, we can redefine the conflict of the system:

system name: airbag

main function of the system: to protect the driver and passengers in the front row. However, while realizing this function, there are negative effects, as shown in Figure 4, the functional model of the airbag, and our design purpose is shown in Figure 5

in the figure,

s1.1 - tall drivers and passengers

s1.2 - short drivers and passengers

s2 - airbag

fme - mechanical energy field

description of the system: for short drivers and passengers, airbag inflation will hit them. If the inflation speed is reduced, the power during inflation will be reduced and injury will be reduced. However, if the speed is reduced, all drivers and passengers may lean forward and collide with the steering wheel (windshield) before it inflates

features to be improved in the design: reduce the power during expansion and eliminate the risk of passengers hitting the steering wheel (windshield)

therefore, the time of No.15 moving object and the harmful factors produced by No.31 object are selected as the design parameters among the 39 engineering parameters. Check the conflict matrix and get several principles of 21, 39, 16 and 22

according to the above principles, the solutions are as follows:

no.21 speed up the emergency action rather than reduce the expansion speed of the airbag. When the airbag is fully expanded, passengers may collide with it.

no.39 in an inert environment, softening the airbag surface with some substance can protect passengers.

no.16 the airbag volume is reduced and the power is increased to make it expand rapidly and protect drivers and passengers

no.22 the technical standard gb/t50344 (2) 004 for building structure inspection can increase the gas expansion speed, and the vehicle can only collide with it when it is fully expanded

so far, the basic principle of system conceptual design has been put forward and the original understanding has been found. On this basis, designers can further

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