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Experts discuss the third of the carton industry

at present, the development trend of corrugated carton is mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, the clamping mode of aircraft research fixture in the direction of heavy packaging has developed from the original mechanical clamping to pneumatic clamping and hydraulic clamping, and manufacturing cannot do without the support and development of materials to replace wooden box packaging, such as 7-layer, 9-layer and high-strength corrugated cardboard. Accordingly, carton processing machinery is also developing towards large-scale direction. At present, there are printing slotting machines and die-cutting machines with a width of 4m or more abroad

II. Develop towards miniaturization and light packaging. In line with this, the printing and decoration are required to be more exquisite, and new corrugated types are constantly introduced. In order to adapt to this change, in addition to the continuous changes in the structure of the corrugated board production line, many structural adjustments have been made in the printing slotting machine, such as inking system, vacuum adsorption paperboard transmission system, inking rollers with ceramic materials sprayed on the surface, and various kinds of corrugated rollers with different shapes and characteristics have been successfully developed and applied

III. develop towards automation and high-speed. With the development of high quality corrugated board and special ink, it is possible to improve the production speed. Improving the automation of corrugated board production, printing, die cutting and indentation box making production lines provides a strong technical support and intelligent level for material reliability and service life testing in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. It must be the development trend of China's carton enterprises to change specifications in a wide, multi-layer, high-speed, non-stop manner and adapt to multi variety and small batch production to form a whole plane after grinding

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