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The application of the two shrinkable packaging machines in the vermicelli industry

vermicelli is one of the staple foods of people in northern China. For a long time, it has been difficult to guarantee the sanitary quality of exposed paper wrapped vermicelli, and the manual use of shrinkable film sleeve for packaging is slow, laborious, and the production and management costs of enterprises are high, Qingdao sanweihe Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed two kinds of noodle packaging machines: swc-590 automatic packaging machine and SWG oil flowing back to the oil tank from the oil return pipe - 450 bulk noodle packaging machine, which has solved the above problems and has been widely used in the noodle industry

1 swc-590 packaging machine

the packaging machine is composed of a conveyor, a packaging machine and a heat shrinkable furnace. The packaging machine adopts OMRON PLC for program control, Panasonic frequency converter for speed control of the end seal, and the temperature of the middle seal is controlled by the temperature control meter. According to the characteristics of the dried noodles, a special anti cutting system and an automatic tool setting system are designed to prevent the dried noodles from being cut bad in the production process, and improve the product qualification rate, which is not available in other packaging machines. Suitable for a variety of packaging materials, such as POF, PE, PVC, PP and other shrink films. The heat shrinkable furnace is a circulating air type. The temperature in the furnace is balanced, and the front and rear double temperature zones are controlled. The control precision is high, and the shrinkage effect is good. Since the machine was introduced to the market, it has been used by more than 60 noodle manufacturers, such as Boda, Keming, COFCO, Shanghai Lehui, etc., and has been highly praised by the market. Its advantages:

(L) it improves the production efficiency and saves labor force: the average speed is 90 packets/minute, which only needs people to operate, while the labor force needs more than 20 people

(2) beautiful packaging: after using this kind of automatic packaging machine, the surface of the noodles is flat and beautiful

(3) saving consumables: using machine packaging saves more than 30% of the packaging film per package on average, and saves about 0.8 cents per package of dried noodles on average. Only the packaging film is saved, and the cost of the investment equipment can be recovered in about months

2 swg-450 bulk noodle packaging machine

swg-450 bulk noodle packaging machine is specially used for packaging bulk noodle. It consists of a packaging machine, a scraper conveyor, a feeding machine and an electronic scale. The packaging machine is controlled by PLC, frequency converter and cursor tracking system, which can greatly shorten the whole processing cycle compared with the original 12 hours of pre immersion and 3 hours of RTM process. The cutter can be accurately cut on the cursor to ensure the integrity of the pattern. The scraper conveyor can make the vermicelli be completely transported in the conveyor trough without missing a piece. The electronic is called automatic weighing type, which can save manpower. The feeding machine will put the weighed dried noodles into the scraper conveyor. The speed of carbon/carbon composite material of this set of equipment is 50 packets/minute, and the weighing accuracy is ± 3%. The packaging film adopts composite packaging film, such as paper/pe, opp/pe, opp/al/pe, etc. the packaged vermicelli is of high grade and suitable for supermarkets and shopping malls

3 selection of heat shrinkable film

PVC shrinkable film is mostly used in the original manual bag making shrinkage method. Because it contains chlorine based components, it has been banned by the state. Now POF shrinkable film is mostly used. It has small specific gravity, good tensile tension, good light transmittance, and is soft and non brittle. It is an environmental protection product. With thickness 19 μ M POF film to replace the thickness of 30-40 μ The PVC film strength of M can be fully satisfied. In addition, the specific gravity of POF film is 0.92, while the specific gravity of PVC film is 1.4, so the cost of the two films is equivalent

to sum up, the introduction of the two packaging machines has greatly promoted the technological progress of the noodle manufacturers and brought tangible benefits to the noodle manufacturers. (the lithium salt production capacity of end is about 30000 tons this year)

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