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It is an indisputable reality that the real estate industry continues to be in the doldrums, the economy is down, and the midwinter is deepening. In such a difficult environment, many door and window manufacturers need an active and optimistic attitude to face economic accidents. As Jack Ma said, "your life is difficult, and others' life is not going anywhere". Guanhao door and window tips: door and window manufacturers should do everything actively and comfortably. Carefully observe the pattern of shopping malls and make changes in cooperative shopping malls

first, do a good job in the company's strategic planning

for the bad export situation and the difficult situation of the company at that time, the state put forward a series of policies to expand domestic demand and support the transformation and promotion of door and window enterprises. Door and window enterprises should make strategic planning based on their own conditions. Attach importance to strategic emerging industries and their related occupations. Based on the products and shopping malls of Anshen company, it extends to the fields of civilization and service. Put your advantageous capital into your strongest category

II. Controlling capital risks

in the active financing and financing operations, the company's own capital management needs to be strengthened, especially in the risk control of accounts receivable. Because the economic situation is not optimistic, it is necessary to reasonably control the investment of door and window enterprises to prevent the loss of investment formed by market factors

third, do a good job in the promotion of the scheme

due to the impact of the economic situation, the promotion of door and window enterprises will be very difficult in the next period. Customers' funds will be serious, and they will be more rational when purchasing door and window goods. At this moment, the company should clearly realize that the essence of promotion is not to sell goods, but how to deal with customers' questions through their own goods. When the economic environment is good, customers may be excited about purchasing, but now, customers themselves also face many questions. The company should contact its own products for the situation of different types of customers, make different plans, and help customers deal with their questions. Once the customers' questions are dealt with, the products will be sold

fourth, do a good job in the company's internal training

the question of human capital in door and window enterprises cannot be dealt with overnight. Instead of placing hopes on "airborne soldiers", it is better to settle down and cultivate themselves. Door and window enterprises should make long-term employee growth planning and training programs, so that employees can grow together with the company

to cope with such a winter, we should actively adjust strategies, transform and promote. As long as door and window enterprises always start from their own commodities, continue to innovate and develop, they will usher in the spring of industry




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