230000 online shopping saves money, decorate 38 pi

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Online shopping is an essential way to save money and decorate. Today let's take a look at what online shopping talent is! In this 126 square meter house, in addition to large soft clothes, many soft clothes come from online shopping. Although it is a simple style, the whole home after decoration is warm and playful. Because the room type is relatively large, so after choosing the simple style, the whole home looks more transparent and bright. Refreshing is also a major feature of simple style, so if you are also a person who likes simplicity and independent designers, then come and visit this simple style warm home with the owner

house decoration:

[decoration householder]: stevexli

[decoration area]: 126 square meters

[decoration style]: simple style

[decoration house type]: three bedrooms and two halls

[decoration Keywords]: it is like online shopping to save 230000 people and create 126 square meters of decoration modern simple style

owner's decoration self statement:

after three months of careful creation, Our dream home has finally become a reality from an ideal. This process has experienced too much sweetness and toil. We have carefully pondered every detail of the decoration, and have also visited almost all building materials markets and home shopping malls under the scorching sun. Drawing too much ideas and inspiration from the Internet, we made a firm determination to design independently without hiring a designer, so we took photos immediately after the completion for netizens to enjoy

first go to the house type drawing

Sasaki solid wood furniture

let's start from the living room and have a front view of the living room





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