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International Children's Day is coming. Decorating your baby with a beautiful children's room is one of the best gifts for parents to give their children. Today, Xiaobian recommends a group of children's room decoration renderings for everyone, using colorful colors to make the baby's growth not boring

for little girls, the fresh and elegant children's room bedroom should be thinner and welcome, like this children's room bedroom: blue sky and white clouds, butterflies and flowers, purple fantasy, the decoration effect drawing of children's room of pure nature department, creating the warmest growing world for babies. The decoration of the children's room decorated with purple and green is warm and lively, providing children with the breath of nature. The butterfly flowers on the background wall of the children's room create a romantic atmosphere like grass among flowers, so that children can enjoy the most romantic growth life

the perfect combination of the background wall and the ceiling of the children's room successfully creates a natural forest like feeling in the small indoor space. And a circle of green foliage like decorations above completed the perfect transition between the two spaces, making the children's room bedroom spread in the dense jungle. A simple tree trunk pattern on the background wall of the children's room makes the home of the little Winnie bear. The little bear also stretches its neck to tease the children. In addition, the bookcase with the combination of yellow and green and the bedding of the natural department all follow the natural route

the clever design of the partition is the key to the success of the decoration of this children's room. The whole decoration of the children's room seems to be made of a piece of partition, but the clever way gives people a fashionable and novel feeling. The background wall of the white children's room is also painted with the patterns of red flowers, green grass and golden sun, which are like those painted by children themselves. They give babies the opportunity to personally describe the growth space. The dark blue ground and the partition in the middle are matched with white to create a fresh and elegant feeling, so that children's growth is pure and beautiful. In order to avoid the boredom of large areas with the same color, red was selected in the selection of furniture, which instantly lit up the decoration of the whole children's room and added more vitality to the children's life

the light gray background wall of the children's room establishes a quiet overall atmosphere. With solid wood window frames, the atmosphere is quite low-key. In order to make the decoration of the whole children's room more attractive, we prefer beautiful colors in the choice of furniture decoration. The white curtains are slightly elegant, and the small green and white lockers in the corner are deep and full of vitality. The carpets spliced with colored squares are paved on the ground, so that children can sit here and play freely and comfortably. Moreover, the bright colors make babies feel like sitting on the rainbow, so that children can feel the colorful atmosphere of life since childhood

pink is a little girl's favorite. If your baby is also a little princess, you can use this decoration effect drawing of children's room for reference. The light pink background wall of the children's room sets off the most beautiful overall atmosphere. The double-sided window not only brings good natural lighting to the decoration of the children's room, but also the yellow green window paper in front of the window adds a lot of points, adding vitality to the children's world. The children's bed is bright yellow, with fluorescent green cabinet, fresh and fashionable. On the background wall of the children's room near the bed is an English alphabetic art bookshelf, and the pen of art increases the storage space of the decoration of the children's room. Two small pink chairs are more beautiful and become one of the highlights of children's room decoration





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