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Romantic Mediterranean style, with a hint of fresh marine flavor. Xiaobian has collected some Mediterranean style decoration pictures for you today. Let's feel leisurely and indifferent temperament from these Mediterranean style decoration pictures

Mediterranean style decoration picture: in the living room on the first floor, considering that children spend most of their time on the first floor, they decided to put the TV on the second floor and avoid watching TV often

Mediterranean style decoration picture: restaurant, the favorite card seat of the householder. At the beginning, I wanted to put a 2-meter table. I could play as a table tennis table in my spare time. Later, I accepted the suggestion of the designer and made a card seat, which was more beautiful and practical

Mediterranean style decoration picture: Kitchen - this door is mainly for the sake of safety. When cooking, avoid children from entering and leaving. The cabinet is made of small golden beans. The color is not the first choice of the designer, because that color costs thousands of yuan. I seriously despise myself. I never forget frugality and frugality in the decoration process. Fortunately, although it is not so perfect in the end, it is at least a little better than I imagined

Mediterranean style decoration picture: super practical four door wine cabinet





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