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The ceiling is not only the sky of home, but also a beautiful mirror on the roof, setting off a beautiful scenery of home. The ceiling in line with the decoration style of the living room can set off the design theme of the living room and reflect the decoration taste of the owner. Below are some small creative ceilings collected by Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, which strongly create another landscape belonging to the home

the highly realistic 3D ceiling design is very suitable for spaces such as home theaters. Whether it's the romantic starry sky or the vast sea of clouds, if you skillfully draw the outdoor landscape indoors, you will certainly reap the unexpected beauty as long as you use clever techniques. The sunken ceiling increases the effect of realism. The wide fabric sofa below also provides a more comfortable leisure environment for watching movies

the addition of quickness in the decoration leaves room for the occupants to imagine, and also adds a kind of charm to the home decoration design. In home design, space also stresses white space. This plan is well aware of the beauty of leaving white space. The plane wooden ceiling is full of the top wall, bringing a vast visual experience. Apart from a few pieces of practical furniture, there is no complicated decoration in the living room. Even the colors are light and gentle colors. The whole design is so simple and comfortable that people feel the meaning of "the simplest is the most beautiful"

in the fresh and simple decoration of the living room, the ceiling design is dressed up as the most primitive and natural costume, which is what Mori family pursues. Maybe picking verdant green, or retaining the simple touch of solid wood, the most primitive and natural is the best. Hidden in the city, the wooden ceiling looks like dust, which is undoubtedly the most suitable for the creation of forest home space. The ceiling part adopts wood splicing with strong natural feeling to create a well shaped ceiling. The template emitting natural flavor seems to smell the smell of forest under the light of nature




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