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Use the corner area skillfully to save space. It can hold the special food collected everywhere. Skillfully borrowing the butterfly wing shape, the unusable corner of the cabinet turns into a "beautiful storage space"

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skillfully use the corner area to save space. It can hold the special food collected everywhere. Skillfully borrowing the butterfly wing shape, the unusable corner of the cabinet turns into a "beautiful storage space". Careful designers make the tray more anti-skid, so that items will not roll down when sliding

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under the influence of the minimalism of modern decorative design, the use of cabinet doors and drawers without handles and pressure spring will also be more widespread

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in modern home decoration, people are easy to invest more financial and material resources in the selection of large items. Experienced designers and property owners will not miss any nuances, and some inconspicuous accessories such as kitchen and bathroom hardware are more carefully selected. Because although hardware products account for a small proportion in the whole household life, they play a role in inheriting, embellishing and setting off the whole environment

Hardware tableware warehouse

in the five element theory, gold is white, which is the color of metallic luster. The hardware has the image of "rigid and soft, cruel and noble"

in the household industry, the most typical representative is hardware accessories. The natural characteristics of luster, conductivity, easy heat transfer and ductility make it widely used in bathroom, furniture, wardrobe and cabinet

in the past, home hardware emphasized more on its mechanical properties, rust prevention, moisture resistance, fatigue performance of moving parts and other qualities. Today, hardware is no longer willing to play a supporting role. From the door lock and door touch used for the door, to the handle and hinge of the cabinet, to the towel rack and roll paper cylinder in the bathroom, as well as the clothes hook in the bedroom, different shapes are designed according to different functions, but the unity of artistic elements is maintained. The overall hardware has become a new fashion in home

it is understood that household hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to settings. The former includes hinges, hinges, slides, etc., and the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slides, hinges and locks are used more frequently in life, so they are more important

at present, there are many kinds of hardware in the market. Every year, the best professional hardware manufacturers in the world will work hard on the design of their own products. Today, when products tend to be homogeneous, powerful manufacturers use advanced technology to design more humanized functions and more fashionable appearance for products, which are closely connected with the changes of home style

more emphasis on decoration in design

at present, the trend of fashion in various industries is constantly blowing. For the hardware industry, the design of hardware products is also changing more and more

in the past, compared with the exquisite appearance of the wardrobe, the door lock, hinge or handle looked very rough, but now you will find that more and more hardware is like art, with both beauty and workmanship. Take the most common handle as an example. It has got rid of the simple stainless steel color, black, bronze, light chromium, pearl nickel and transparent paint. Some are glittering and translucent, others are dull and introverted, or publicity, or elegance. These expressive colors have become the most exquisite decoration in the home

the new faucet not only has a new structure, but also has a dazzling shape and appearance. In addition to titanium plating, chrome plating, baking varnish, porcelain and other types on the surface, there are red, yellow, black, blue and other color faucets. Most of the handles and water outlet pipes are streamline design. There are also slender conical handles and inverted triangle handles made of polychromatic crystals, which are similar to door handles, and are installed on the washbasin or bathtub like works of art




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