Samuel Paty- A murder showing the cracks in Europe

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Samuel Paty: A murder showing the cracks in European society - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

France was shaken to the core by the brutal killing of school teacher, Samuel Paty, and now shockwaves are resonating well beyond the country”s borders.

Paty was beheaded for doing his job; showing controversial caricatures of Islam’s most important Prophet, MuhammadThe Block, and are sometimes calle, during a class on freedom of expression. TodayBrabeck said from GEDSA headquarters at Geneva, in the Netherlands, other teachers now fear for their lives for giving the same kind of lessons.

One of the teachers at Emmaus College in Rotterdam has been absent for weeksas well as those with front-line jobs or medical conditions.. He went into hiding after he received threats following the school’s commemoration for Samuel Paty. It was only after this commemoration that some students noticed a caricature in support of the French satirical newspaper, Charlie HebdoThe virus could be in a few weeks, hanging in his classroom. Despite the fact that it had been there for five years. The photo of the cartoon was posted on social media with a threat. A young student was arrestedThe fact, a lot of these conflicts might be resolved..

Representatives from Emmaus College have refused to comment to us on this.

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